Newsletter Fall 2017

As most of you know, we offer a multitude of services under our roof: Personal Training, Pilates, Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Nutritional Services, Muscle Activation Techniques, Golf Analysis/Instruction, Massage, Reiki Massage, Photography. In addition, everyone under our roof owns and operates their own respective business; everyone is an Independent Contractor or a Tennent. Over the past 3 years of being in operation, business grows by the week and the uniqueness of our Facility and the services we provide spreads throughout South Johnson County, not from advertising, but almost entirely by word of mouth, and for that we thank you!

One area we are attempting to improve upon however, is referrals amongst our different offerings. This begins with each Practitioner, Trainer, and Therapist knowing in depth each other’s services, collaborating with each other, and feeling confident to refer their patient or client to them. Our goal is to become more of a cohesive unit rather than stuck in our own areas of the Facility with our own clients. Most importantly, with your optimal health as our primary goal, we feel that picking up or adding an additional service to your Fitness and Wellness journey would be of huge benefit to you. Diversify your Fitness and Wellness strategy if you will. And, we will be offering as an incentive 25% off the second or third service in attempt to get you to try another avenue.

If you are coming here for Personal Training, why not try a Pilates class with Erin, Angie, or Shannon? Are you seeing Kirk Johnson for Chiropractic Care and play Golf? Why not see Janine and have her analyze your swing to improve your game? Who doesn’t like a Massage? Heather is also a practicing Registered Nurse, think she’s qualified? A nagging shoulder Injury? Stop in and chat with Andrew in our Physical Therapy Clinic to see what thoughts he has. Jourdan and Adi have you covered with Nutrition, food accountability, food prep, and Integrative Nutrition. Muscle Activation Techniques with Ryan Kerola is a detailed and explorative therapy route to address and eliminate muscle weakness and pain. Sherri is one of the most talented photographers I’ve met. Check out her work in the entry. The Isophit, and its tremendous benefits in Neuro-Integration is a great session in itself. Have Melanie or Liz run you through. From Personal Training to Boxing and Small Group Training, we in the Gym have a program and budget for everyone. Grab one of our cards in the lobby and shoot us an email.


new logo ...more cohesiveness

Changes in the Air!

One of the main reasons I constructed Fitness Alliance in 2014 was to increase services I did not offer to Clients. As a Personal Trainer since 1995, I always saw the need for more than simply ‘working out’, but had to refer out around the City to a ton of people or businesses I really didn’t know that well. We have done amazing job the past 4 years of attracting the right people and to take it one step further, we will be expanding the Chiropractic operation to implement a Wellness Clinic. Kirk Johnson, along with Heather McCoy and Adi Shamir, will take control of your entire Wellness journey to create a strategy that optimizes your body to its full potential.

The process would naturally begin with Lab work to get the inner picture to find the right course of action. Whereas many of these services would be panned out and you shuttled around the City to different Labs and locations, blood draws will be in-house with Vibrant America will doing the Lab work. All of this beginning in as little as a couple of months. Nutritional and Supplemental recommendations to adjust and optimize your body’s inner environment will follow and progress to Eating Strategies and Meal Prep to fuel your body correctly. This flowchart naturally proceeds to Exercise to optimize bodily functions and improve structure.

I am truly excited about this potential and the efforts our team is putting into it. You can be confident that in entering our Facility you have embarked upon a cohesive and comprehensive Fitness and Wellness journey that is destined to succeed.

Alliance of Overland Park, Fitness ~ Wellness

-Bill Leavitt


Our Personal Trainers are continually studying and learning.

Liz and Melanie were recently in Toronto for Isophit Training, with Liz soon testing out in MAT. Ryan and Angela will be heading to Oklahoma City for RTS Mastery education, (the PhD in our business), beginning February 2018.

Heather is our new massage therapist, and also an RN who will be collaborating with Kirk to manage all things medical in our Clinic.

Beyond her Integrative Nutrition Degree, Adi guides, demonstrates, and educates you on ways to implement healthy eating habits into you and your family’s lifestyle. Her personality makes eating, shopping, and meal prep easy and fun for the whole family.


Exciting new services will be rolled out at Johnson Chiropractic & Acupuncture this fall.  We have paired with a wellness laboratory service to bring the best and latest cutting-edge technology laboratory testing to our clinic. These tests range from cardiac panels, gut health, to food sensitivity. Nutritional examinations with supplement recommendations are a great way to jump start your path to wellness. We look forward to serving all of your holistic healthcare needs!


2017 has been a FITASTIC year for Eilates. In February, we moved into our current fabulous space. The space is fresh, open, and sparkles due to shining clients that enter the room each day. The beautiful Pilates Ball Lighting adds a very unique & fun touch as well.


I am overjoyed to have expanded into ‘Team Eilates’. I have two instructors now

sharing their many talents in Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates. You can count on Angie White and Shannon Klaus to instruct with excellence and passion!

We have been blessed to hear countless inspirational stories from clients who have transformed not only their bodies, but also their mindset, perspective, and attitude!


We want the Eilates Studio to be a comfortable place that our clients come to for

inspiration, motivation, connection, encouragement, wisdom, friendship, and results.


Strong Core ~ Strong Mind ~ Strong Life


Erin Ward



Stan came to our Fitness Alliance Family at the beginning of 2017 through his Son Tim and Daughter in law Dianne, also Clients. They purchased 12 Personal Training Sessions as a Christmas gift for him and he began working out in January. Stan had never worked out before, had just relocated from Arkansas, and was kind of leery of personal training. As our job is with each and every client at Fitness Alliance, getting to know them personally: habits, likes, dislikes, family, dogs, restaurants, etc. yields a lot of information to not only create workouts that are effective, but a client experience that makes them feel welcome and coming back for more. Figuring out Stan was easy. He takes what we instruct to heart, learns it, asks 50 questions a workout, and puts it into practice. I am proud of him and what he has accomplished in losing now some 27 pounds, eating clean, and of course becoming an integral part of our Fitness Alliance Family and the South Overland Park/Leawood community. Everybody knows him, everybody loves him.

In his own words from this Interview: “I feel like a new person.”



·      - 'Carbs’ are not bad! Vegetables and Fruit are carbohydrate. It’s grains, starches, sugar, dairy and those rapidly digestible goodies like cookies, donuts, cereal, and crackers which the majority eat that get converted glucose and start swimming in your bloodstream. Yes, glucose is the preferred fuel for the body, but too much glucose from eating too many Carbohydrates beyond your energy needs and what the body can store in the liver and muscle, it will begin to convert and be stored as Fat.

·    -

- A Big Belly/Beer Gut, or whatever you want to call it, is not all Fat. Feeding your gut with too many sugars feeds bad bacteria causing swelling or bloating of your intestines, all 25 feet of them!


- The Majority of your Exercise Strategy should be Low-Intensity such as walking.


- Eating Fat does not make you Fat. Try adding in your daily Fat requirements from Avocado, Olive, and Coconut products…all Fruits!

·       - Explore Full-Range of motion of your Joints every day. Get out of that chair and swing your legs and arms often!

·       - LDL Cholesterol is relatively benign if we have low systemic inflammation and low insulin levels via limited carbohydrate intake.