Learning the Workouts
If you were to ask the majority of our Clients what they like about the Personal Training at Fitness Alliance, they would say ‘The Trainers are Knowledgeable.’ It’s true. Most of the Independent Contracted Trainers here not only take pride in providing quality instruction, but take the time to investigate and analyze the Science behind the exercises. What makes a Tricep Pushdown harder using diverging straps versus a bar? What’s really going on with a ball squat? Why is a wide grip pulldown harder than a narrower grip? Sadly, the study of Joints and Forces, (or Exercise Mechanics or Orthopedics and Physics), is foreign to 95% of the Personal Trainers in the industry. Knowing the nuts and bolts of each and every exercise you would think be responsible and professional standards, if not mandatory. What if you asked your Lawyer, Doctor, or Accountant a question and they replied: “I don’t know.” In our industry, not knowing the mechanics behind an exercise ends up hurting people. Each week we get people walking through our door disappointed, (or hurt), from a poor exercise experience down the street.
This leads to another aspect we like to display: Teaching you not only what you are doing but why, or, Instruction versus Training. It is important to us that you know there is a reason for assigning a specific exercise and why it is implemented based on your current capabilities and goals. Also, when you’re away on vacation or work you have the knowledge base to construct an effective workout on your own. One of our selling points at Fitness Alliance is giving our Clients complimentary access to the gym and providing them with written workouts to practice on their own.

A Different Kind of Language
If you have talked with one of us, you’ll know we view exercise a little differently and speak language others in the fitness industry dismiss.

Often You’ll Hear:
• There is no difference between Cardio and Weight Training; It’s all Resistance Training.
• A high heart rate, sweat dripping off your face, and sore muscles the next day are in no way an indication of a good workout.
• It’s not about how many calories you burn during a workout, it’s about what kind of calories you’re putting in outside of the gym.
• More isn’t necessarily better and often just gets you hurt. Appropriate Progression and Strategic Variation are better.
• Responsible Eating, Rest, and Hydration are just as important as the workout itself.
• Focus on what is producing the movement, not counting reps or time. We are in the contraction business folks!
• Throwing a bunch of weight around haphazardly to set a ‘personal best’ record under the guidance of a Coach (think CrossFit) is not only dangerous, but prematurely accelerates degradation of the body and should be considered malpractice.
• Take it outside. Get off of the treadmill and go for a long walk. Empty stomach – Ketosis – You burn stored fat!
• Try incorporating another modality of exercise or treatment.

This last point is what we specialize in and is unique to our Facility: Our commitment at Fitness Alliance begins with pointing you in the right direction and strategically creating a path that is best for you. Perhaps you need a few MAT sessions to get things fired up before engaging in Resistance Training. Maybe Pilates is just what you need to get a little bit more resilient and pliable for your golf game. A few weeks of meetings with our Nutrionist to get you and your family’s eating habits in check. Also, we have created a business structure where all of the service providers under our roof own and operate their own individual business, which means they are motivated to succeed and provide the best service possible. And, although the service may be labelled the same, (i.e. personal training), each Trainer and Practitioner adds their own perspective and personal touch or style so take the time to reach out to a few and make the choice that is best and most comfortable for you.

A few ways to get information and answers:
• The Fitness Alliance website has links that will direct you to all of our People & Services
• Stop by and speak with one of us
• Leave us a message on the house phone: 913-232-9993
• Send an email to


We have a lot of New and Exciting Services, Offerings, and Practitioners going on under our roof lately: Golf, Nutrition, Photography, Pilates Expansion, Supplements, Muscle Activation Techniques, and our YouTube Channel.

As of last November, we teamed up with Nutritionist Jourdan Lewis. Rather than your typical calorie counter/put you on a punishing cookie-cutter diet, Jourdan is what I like to call a Personal Trainer for Eating Habits. Since beginning her business just last year, she has exceeded expectations and grown her business immensely. Clients love her approach and results she gets. If you are truly serious about amplifying your results in the gym, or getting control of your family’s eating habits, grab some time with her.         816-510-7987    

Our Pilates operation headed by Erin Ward is a success and has grown! We recently moved her into our larger 900 sq/ft room just off of the entrance lobby. Working with everyone form kids, to the elderly, to pitchers from the Royals, Erin puts together fantastic workouts on the Reformer or in Mat Class, and goes above and beyond creating a personal connection to her clients.                 913-669-1663         

Sabrina Caldwell created Amend, LLC with the sole focus to enhance body function to be as close to ideal as possible in a non-invasive, natural way. By taking an outside look in with tools like Muscle Activation Techniques© (M.A.T.) and Poliquin© Biosignature Modulation she can help address both muscular and hormonal imbalances created by internal and external stressors.            913-888-7777   

Sherri Mayer is a client and friend and when she came to us wanting space at Fitness Alliance, we jumped at the opportunity. Her enthusiasm, dedication to the community, and of course her exceptional talents as a Photographer make her a great addition. If you need shots for any occasion, give her a call.           913-579-7166     

Janine Young has been a colleague since the mid 90’s. Since then, she has built an amazing business that focuses on golf related fitness, 3D motion capture analysis, and amassed a client list that is unparalleled in the KC Metro area. As the newest operation under our roof, please swing by and say hi to Janine.    913-226-7092

Pro Alpha Nutrition
Created and formulated by our in-house Chiropractors Jonathon Wiggins and Kirk Johnson, these supplements are leagues above what you’ll see elsewhere. Check out their website for info.



We put this together simply as a way to share what Fitness Alliance is about: A glimpse of the people who work here, some advice, demonstrations, exercise analysis, and tips, display the services and amenities we offer, what sets us apart, and our clients who love it. Something you can view and if you like and perhaps share with someone who may be interested joining us. Facebook is great, but the information, once posted, heads downstream never to be seen again. Check it out HERE
Check back frequently for new content!

Thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to see you up at Fitness Alliance soon!
-Bill Leavitt

Jourdan_Headshot_2379.jpgerinwardlogo.jpgAmend__5487.JPGsmp.jpgElite.jpgYT_2271.pngFA_Logo.jpg is a library and resource website that I created to share the facts on Exercise, Health and Nutrition. All the articles are written by me rather than copied and pasted from around the internet. With so much information out there propagated by ‘health experts’, and supplement/food companies just wanting to make a buck at the expense of your health, it is important to separate fact from opinion. And, knowing just a little bit of the Science about our bodies to make decisions that will give you a strong, lean, and healthy body that ages gracefully always helps.

Cholesterol is one topic that gets a lot of press, mostly negative. Yet it performs essential structural and functional processes in each and every cell our body. It manufactures hormones, bile for digestion, and reacts with sunlight to create vitamin D. In fact, your brain houses about 25% of your body's cholesterol and it is so necessary that the body recycles 90% of its stores.

Here's my take on it. And, for a more in depth view that will leave you knowing more than your Doctor, read Peter Attia's 10 part series. A former Oncologist from John's Hopkins, he is probably the most knowledgeable person I have read in dissecting Nutrition and Health information.

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