Newsletter Winter 2018

The Vision all of us at Fitness Alliance have for you is obtaining a lean, resilient, and strong body that functions optimally without pain. Simply put, it works right and ages gracefully, so you can enjoy your families, vacations, and activities. I’m sure all of you walking through our front door have specific goals in mind: get stronger, improve range of motion, correct an injury, relax some stiff tissue, lose a bit of weight, lower your golf score. Whatever your goals are, most likely it is going to take a multiple discipline approach, or strategy if you will. A workout without talking about proper food selection, wanting to get stronger without eradicating that nagging shoulder injury, or trying to improve gut heath without changing your diet isn’t going to cut it! THIS is what makes us unique in the Fitness & Wellness community, and to the city: we have the tools and people to create the best Optimal Health and Wellness strategy for you.
We have a lot going on under our roof, many services you are probably not aware of, and some awesome people doing the work. We all communicate, cross-refer, and team together to find your right path. I realize that life is busy, and most people barely have time for one workout or an adjustment, but next time you’re up, ask the person you are seeing about what else could take your health to the next level. Walk around to the other spaces we have, maybe meet the Practitioner and get some information on our other services that may be of interest to you. Also, we have placed a couple of ‘Our Services’ rack card stations where you can pull information on all that we offer. -Bill Leavitt



Kirk Johnson


We are having some exceptional results with our new laboratory testing.  With these advanced blood work panels, we are able to implement the perfect nutritional supplements as well as laser focus their perfect dietary plan.  We are excited to continue to move forward offering the best functional and holistic chiropractic practice in Johnson county! 


Heather McCoy

With the New year I would like to address the importance of taking care of your body throughout the whole year. I am offering 5% off for all massage packages through March. Regular massage therapy will greatly impact your life.


Serving the greater Kansas City Metro area since 1996, Janine Young is among the first Titleist Performance Institute Certified and Master Golf Fitness Instructors in the world. She and her staff of golf fitness specialists are ‘Dedicated to providing the best golf performance enhancement services for golfers of every age, ability and fitness level.’

The Team of Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Specialists at Elite Golf & Fitness will assess your individual fitness needs as measured through their comprehensive assessment. Utilizing the results of this assessment, our professionals will create your personalized fitness program to optimize your body's power, strength, flexibility, and endurance to enhance your ability to play the game of golf.

Each individual program will include golf specific exercises to improve mobility, stability, strength, balance and power.

Your Golf Specific Exercise Program Will Help You Achieve:

Increased Club Head Speed · Improved Accuracy · A Healthier, More Biomechanical Correct Golf Swing

More Years to Enjoy Your Golf Game!


As the owner and founder of the Elite Golf and Fitness I help people to MOVE BETTER, FEEL BETTER AND PLAY BETTER EVERYDAY. With over 20 years’ experience in the Golf Performance industry and over 30 in the Fitness Industry, my days are filled with 3D Biomechanical Evaluation utilizing both KVEST and AMM Swing Analysis, Physical Screening, Individual and Group Training Program Design, Development and Implementation, Periodization of Programs, as well as Intern and Trainer Education. Recently named to Golf Digest’s Inaugural Top 50 Golf Fitness Instructors. I am humbled and honored to achieve this recognition aside so many talented, innovative leaders and mentors in an amazing, growing industry which barely existed when I first got started. As the game of golf continues to evolve and embrace cutting edge, golf performance enhancement, I am dedicated to continuing to educate myself in order to share my passion of a holistic approach to both golf and life providing services to include functional movement screening and restoration, strength and power training, mind-body methodologies, whole food nutrition education, innovative 3D swing analysis and biofeedback training as well as the latest in recovery techniques.

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